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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Baby Girl card using my new nestie dies

Hi all I have treated myself to some nestie dies and how I am loving them I got circular with scalloped edge and rectangle with scalloped edge now I want more ... ha ha there is always something we want when it comes to crafting ha ha.

We just 5 more days and I do not know who is excited more me or Marc and Chloe - I am so lucky they are at the age when Christmas is so magical.

Well a friend has just recently had a baby girl so I have made this simple card using the scalloped nestie dies and decoupage I bought in a pack of ebay, and finished with flowers with a pearl gem in the centre.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Marc and Chloe's Christmas Cards

Hi all, I have Marc and Chloe's Christmas parties on Tuesday - cant wait it is Chloe's first and I have got her a gorgeous dress - hopefully get her hair right on the day.

So I have finally got all the school cards done most of them wrote out and just have to send them all into school tomorrow - I made 77 cards altogether and all worth it in the long run as I know noone will send the same cards as mine ha ha

Here are Marc and Chloe's Christmas cards I have made - both are 6 by 6 and I have a used a Gingerbreadman digi stamp which I got free from a kind lady through Docrafts. I have coloured the same using pro-markers and finished with glitter. I have also added snowflakes on the card in which I have handstitched - I really enjoyed making these.

As you can see one is red and the other I have done in pink --

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Loving the gorgeous snow - I am so ready for Christmas

Hi, all I am absolutely loving this gorgeous weather - I love the snow and I do hope it stays around for Christmas, it will be so prefect. Christmas decorations are not up yet but thinking of getting them up on Saturday.

Well the dinning room is finally finished thank goodness now I can now get back into to crafting rountine again - not too much but just enough to make a card now and again. I am finding it difficult trying to juggle everything at the moment with Chloe being at nursery half a day and then having to go back out just after I turn around and get Marc from school and before I know it I am ready for bed that is without starting to get my head into a card. At the moment the school is closed so I have managed to cut a few more things out ready to make a couple of cards ....

Well I have managed to squeeze this card in using a pack I got of QVC I have keep it quite simple with ribbon down the side and two blue snowflakes just to finish it off ... I have made some more stuff but still in the need that little bit to finish off get them done soon - I hope..

Bye for now and I hope to be back into a rountine in the New Year.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

HI All

Hi - well what's been happening alot of stamping cutting and colouring and now putting the final preparations in Marc and Chloe's Christmas cards - taking a little longer than anticipated but getting there and hopefully be able to show them soon.

What also doesnt help I have had a nasty cold (with the worst cough ever) to deal with Chloe caught it at nursery, then Marc showed signs of having it and so they have been off school all this week (which means they are getting 2 weeks off instead of 1) but on the mend now and hopefully getting back into the swing of trying to find time to card craft.

I dont know if it is just me but with Chloe being just a nursery and I am backwards and forwards to school I cannot seem to juggle the time right to start something. For example as soon as I got my crafting stuff out after tidying up it is time to put it all away to go and collect her. Then the afternoon is spending the time I have missed and then going to collect Marc. Definitely going to be much easier next year I think when she is at school fulltime (although I dont want to think about that miss her so much as it is for the 2 hours) I dont think I do well on my own all day just have to wait and see.

Well bye for now I hope to try and get myself sorted soon. Going to get some dishes done and then hopefully more of the cards for the kids done and then I concentrate on a bit of everything again.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Forever Friends Christmas Cards

I am now going to show you two cards which I have made both the same stamp but different colours and design. I have made these both 6 by 6 (15cm by 15cm) I love working with this size it is not to big or not to small. Apart from the school cards I making now for Marc and Chloe most of my cards will be mainly this size.

Again I have used the Forever Friends stamps just recently bought. I have coloured them in using promarkers and finished the cuffs of the coats with white glitter. I know I should be listing my colours but I forget which ones I have used (I have to start getting used to writing them down so I can do this later on here for you all) but I can tell you I always colour my Forever Friend bear in the vanilla.

Well as we speak I have stamped alot of images ready to start Marc and Chloe's Christmas Cards I have a bit colouring do and hopefully get making them and have them finished by next week at the latest so I dont have to worry about doing the Christmas Cards in December. I am starting to try and get organized a bit better because honestly speaking I am no good. My crafting always end up in just one over flowing box and I buy more of the stuff I have already got which I not good. So I am at this present moment going to concentrate on using up what I have and only buy the essentials (sticky pads, glue, glitter etc...) fingers crossed I be good. bye bye for now and thanks for looking at my blog. xxx

More Christmas Cards

Hi all, well the heating is now getting put back on as the days are getting colder. Chloe starts Nursery on Wednesday - now the new chapter of my life begins. Apart from the year of being backwards and forwards I am looking forward to having about 2 hours to myself a day. However I also know I am going to miss her terribly but hopefully the days will go quick.

Well there is a garden centre in Sunderland not sure of the name think is it Lampton Garden Centre (it is where the old Lampton Lion Park was). They have a crafting section which I love to go everytime John wants to get a few flowers for the hanging basket. (dont have a garden so we are limited - thank goodness) well they had some gorgeous Forever Friends Christmas stamps and lucky me John got me both sets at a good price of £8.99 per pack and they are nice big stamps. So I have made a couple of cards and have a few stamp images ready to make some more.

The first card I have to show you I have made is A5 size. I have coloured my Forever Friends image using promarkers and the tree I stamped in black ink first and then went over again in green ink for the effect. For the first time I stamped wording directly onto the card.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Snoflake Christmas Card Challenge

Hi I am still a bit behind on this challenge but getting there I thought I show this card I made just simple straight forward using background paper and finished off with a topper. However on the hexagon shape piece of backing I have had a go of dabbing with ink. First time so hopefully looks okay. I have finished the same with a bit ribbon down the side. I have adopted Joanna Sheen's technique with the bow effect by just tying a little bit of ribbon on the ribbon down the card. Hope it looks the effect otherwise I am no good at making bows. Bought the bow maker but John gets the taks of doing them all. Anyway the card itself is 15cm by 15cm and the topper I bought from a pack of QVC in the Kanban range.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Snoflake Christmas Card Challenge (docrafts)

Hi well I have managed to make a couple of cards this week. To get me back into all the crafting Christmas Cards is top of the agenda as I have alot to make for Marc and Chloe to give to their school friends. Therefore I am trying a few different techniques over the next few weeks and decide which I can make a few of (by using stamps) and being not to expensive but looking the part. I have also got the Joanna Sheen new Christmas Creations CD and I am looking forward to using the same.

Well my cards - they are both the same but of different colours. I have just recently bought a snowflake embossing folder for cuttlebug (but used on my bigshot) therefore I used this as a background and finished by using mouse stamp (cute companions I got free from a magazine after entering into competition first 100 to send got stamps and me and my sister was one of the lucky ones. I have coloured them in using pro-markers one as a pink theme and the other as a blue. finished with a snowflake which I have finished with a touch of glitter.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The holidays are over

Well Marc went back to school today - the house is so quiet me and Chloe are missing him so much. I only have two more or so weeks and then Chloe is off to nursery. I get about 1 and half hours a day to do what I want -- oooh and no noise --- I prefer the noise and Marc and Chloe being at home but I suppose I get used to it.

Well as things are going a bit slow I have decided to try and start selling on ebay again this time I am not going to be so cheap and hopefully build up a nice little business - the website just was not working no interest but I have sold my first card on ebay again just the other day. Goes to show selling a little is better than nothing and I am able to get more crafting goodies to play with. I catch up with you all soon bye for now

Friday, 20 August 2010

Thinking of you card

We got a phone call today letting us know a dear friend has passed away. After being asked by o/h to make a card I also made this Thinking of you card I have embossed down the left handside of the card and finished with a piece of ribbon and gems in the right hand corner -- I find these type of cards are so hard to make.

Cute Bear Birthday Card

This card is made from Cute Teddy Bear pack I bought from QVC at the beginning of the year and has been hidden under a few other crafting stuff for a while. It was good to make this - with the summer holidays and everyone going off on holiday.

General Bookatrix Card

This is the second Bookatrix Card I have managed to make today again using the Glitter Girls Bookatrix Board. I finished by also using the tag template on the reverse of the board.

Open Card

This is first time making one of these cards so I hope I managed to get the technique right. The background paper is off a pack I bought from Create and Craft a few Christmas's ago and the topper I have just recently bought of QVC and I finished the same with blue ribbon down the right hand side of the card. The only thing what to place in the centre - just the words "Merry Christmas " do you think or do you put an insert ????

Penguin Christmas Card

The next is this gorgeous penguin 3d Christmas Card size is A5 - I was lucky my sister is also addicted to crafting and she is able to buy alot more crafting goodies than I can, and therefore she kindly donated a couple of toppers to me.

Christmas Bookatrix Card

The first was this bookatrix card - used the biggest of the template and then worked my way down from the board for the other two. The embossed image on first background card is the style of the card bought. The second is green glitter card and the third pearl effect white card. The topper and wording topper are from a 50 toppers pack I bought of QVC and finished the same with ribbon and a gems.

I had a few hours crafting today

Hi sorry for the changing in background and layout - I am a typcial Gemini I am afraid always changing my mind -- I love Twlight and therefore I decided to get the background but you could not see the writing very well so off I went and changed template so you all can see what I write.

Well when I woke up today the weather was not being at it is best one minute gorgeous and sunny the next rain rain and more rain -- so I thought kids can trash the house and I am going to switch off and make a few cards --

Friday, 13 August 2010

1000 sheets for a thousand sheets... candy

Wow check out this gorgeous candy give away a 1000 sheets of gorgeous paper
why not check out Amy's blog for a chance to win by using this link

Good luck

Snowflake Christmas Card Challenge

I also been getting on with the Christmas Cards. The first is this gorgeous stamped image of a cute bear with the words "Merry Christmas" which I got free from a magazine last Christmas. I have coloured the same using pro-markers and finished with glitter on the rim of his christmas hat. The effect of my white background of the topper is made by using the Glitter Girls Majestic Board and again I finished with white glitter round the outer edge.

Special Days Card

Hi all with the summer hols and trying to keep two young children occupied is no easy task when not only do you try and think of ways to make the most of spending as much time together but also to try and get little ones so tired out so they go to bed which unfortunately for me without success. I am more tired than Marc and Chloe. I think known my luck it will only happen when they get to teengers will they discover what staying in bed is all about. So since today has been a horrible rainy day - I tired and managed to make a few cards.

Nothing too complicated is this gorgeous card of two little girls dressed as fairies. I finished the same with the words "Special Days" as this picture remains me of what it is like to have an older sister to take care of you.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Yet another Bookatrix Christmas Card for Snoflake Challenge

I think I am getting there nearly up to date with the challenge I think - I am going to have to try and fit in some everyday general cards or I am going to make myself fed up of Christmas when it eventually arrives on another note least there is less to do then and just hopefully enjoy the season ha ha.

Using the Glitter Girls Bookatrix Board I have managed to make the following card - the holographic card is from home bargains - you buy a pack for 79p and the white card for the last book effect is from a pack of white card I buy from Wilkinsons in the create and craft range 75 sheets for £4.00. My topper is made from a snowman stamp which I have coloured in using pro-markers and finished by glittering the snowmen. Using a peel off and a snowflake punch then finished with a gem in the centre.

I hope I am explaining how I making my cards well enough for you to be able to create similar yourselves after all that is what my blog is all about. Please let me know if you require anymore information regarding any of my cards.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Another Christmas Card for snoflake Challenge

Hi this card is A5 size which I have used Christmas Flower stamp coloured in using pro-markers - poppy, green and lime - which I have placed in the centre of a card which I have used as background from Create and Craft two Christmas ago. I didnt know what to do with these cards initially even though most of the work was done I find it harder to make cards like these I prefer to make a card from scratch and go with the creativity. As time as progressed I have learnt to cut things up more and use them differently then having craft items sitting around collecting dust. Well back to the card as the background had to be cut and placed back together to hide the join I finished with red ribbon which is fastened just at the inside so I enabled to join a bit of ribbon with a tie as a bow effect (got the tip of Joanna Sheen)again the snowflakes are from a punch which I finished with a red gem in the centre.

snoflake christmas card challenge

Hi everyone still catching up with Christmas Card challenge and I am enjoying making Christmas Cards least when the time comes I will have a lot made (I hope) and hopefully even more sold and more money to spend on family at Christmas time. Wishful thinking I know but we can all dream.

Well the card I have made is square card 5 by 5 (I think) using a snowman stamp - which I coloured in using pro-markers and finished with glitter on the snowman. The backing paper is from a forever friends pack - I finished with a blue spotty ribbon and snowflakes from a punch with a gem in the centre.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Snowflake Christmas Card Challenge no 20

I have fell a bit behind with my Christmas Cards for Snoflake's Christmas Challenge so here's my first one to get back into the swing - using popcorn bear Christmas triple cd and glitter girls bookatrix board finished with ribbon in centre and peel offs which I coloured the holy in with gel pens and red gems in the centre for berries.

Teachers Cards


Well I have just been doing a lot of Christmas cards which I have already done just making more and more - the embossing/stitching and babuble ones.

So it is now the end of the Marc's first whole year at school so I have made a couple of cards for his teachers - has two Teacher and Teaching Assistant -

The first card I have used Forever Friends Stamp which I coloured in with pro-markers - Glitter Girls Majestic Board and finished with ribbon and using Joanna Sheen's Technic I just tied a little bit extra ribbon for bow effect.

The second card I have printed an image from popcorn bear - kids which I have finished with gems in the corner.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Wow I managed to make a card today

Well after a lot of cutting and sorting out to get back into the swing of making some crafting products I managed to make a card.

Just a basic butterfly card which I stamped the buttefly image using silver ink - on vellum paper and using a water brush coloured in the butterfly with the same silver ink. I then put the same on the card and finished with gems.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Hi all what great weather at the moment

Well not doing any crafting is doing my head in I have today printed some pics and digi stamps off the computer to start getting back in the swing of things - back to using dinning room table at the moment - dinning room half done and cash has run low at moment may have to wait for the crafting table but never mind the table was good enough before and will be again. So watch this space as hopefully by wednesday I should have something posted.

On another note least we are all having glorious sunshine at the moment which I dont think I am complaining about loving being able to have some great time at the park after picking up Marc from school without the rush of getting home. Also my little girl Chloe is 3 on Saturday and you never guess what the other half has done gone out and bought birthday cards ( I am shocked and disappointed) I was so looking forward to making them but men they never think --

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Hi all - I am still about

Will what's been going on - alot of decorating in my house at the moment both Marc's, Chloe's and my bedroom - now we are doing dinning room and have a guess what my other half John is going to make me my very own crafting corner - desk everything (lucky I have my own handyman) cant wait so at moment all new crafting is on hold. I have just been cutting card and starting to make Christmas Tags - I know the summer is finally showing us it is coming and the last thing we want to think about is Christmas but if I sell as many as I did last year then who be complaining.

So hopefully in about say July at the latest I should be crafting at full speed again and I cant wait to show you all my crafting desk from time to time ---- catch up all you crafting buddies real soon xxx Hilly xxx

Friday, 14 May 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Well I am about but just getting some orders to make some cards - whooo hooo -- I have been asked to make a couple packs of my Christmas Cards with the baubles - I have to get on with making them - but I have also been asked to make Holy Communion card. I am not a religious person so I hope the choices I have made would be okay.

I decided to make two then she can decide which she like best. I choose the bookatrix style - one contempory and the other more elaborate as I am not sure how well she knows the girl who is having her first Holy Communion.

As you can see from the picture this is the contempory bookatrix card - followed instructions on how to make the bookatrix from The cross die cut and scalloped oval I bought from e-bay but they are sizzix brand - I have look at for these for future cards. And my wording I printed out myself from Microsoft word - so much eaiser then trying to use peel -offs and having the right amount of letters and size.

This above Bookatrix is the second - same process as before but I used a decoupage image instead of a cross.

I like to thank you for taking the time for looking and any comments you care to leave are most welcome.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Forever Friends Blog Challenge Flowers or Nature

Well starting to get back into a little routine and have had a chance to make a few cards. I thought I have a go at entering into some of the challenges from other blogs to give me some inspiration and also get my back into the swing of making cards. This is the first one for Forever Friends Challenge hope okay.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

First time using promarkers

Well Marc has gone back to school today has a bit of a cough still other than that back to some routine. I managed to get a couple of cards made last night and thought I show you today. I have made two simple cards trying out my promarkers.

The first I have used patchworks pals stamp (on loan from my sister) which also has the extra little stamps for you to colour separate to make the 2d effect.

The second is Daisy and Dandelion stamp I bought a while ago. I love these images and I used the instep design again.

I like to thank you all for taking your time to look your comments are most welcome

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Hopefully things start getting back to normal

I was hoping to be on track and able to do a card a day challenge set on Docrafts but last week Marc (my little boy) was not at all well he seems alot better today so he be back to school tomorrow. Then it was his 5th birthday yesterday (3rd May). Therefore I was unable to sit and make many cards at all. I am hoping to try and finish a couple I have started by tomorrow and then have a good play with the promarkers I recently purchased. Fingers crossed. I also want to try and get involved in a few more challengers.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Just Bears Challenge - no.14 & Card a Day Challenge

Hi all - where is the gorgeous sunshine disappeared too I was getting my hopes for the global warming making us more a tropical island and as soon as we had the sunshine it would stay forever through the summer months ( I guess not so in my lifetime) I do hope we have this heatwave of a summer as been promised since I gave up work three years ago when I had Chloe.

Well onto to my card - I thought I use this for two challenges. All the materials are from a pack I bought of QVC of bears which you can dress up and also make some 3d if required also one of the kanban kits therefore good quality.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Card for One a Day Challenge

Hi all well after an unsuccessful day of trying to watch New Moon I managed to make a card. The one a day challenge is a great idea suggested from another Do Craft member which was to use stamps you buy but then get pushed to the back of your crafting pile. Unfortunately I am waiting for some pro-markers at the moment and therefore do not want to use some of my stamps until they arrive. I also this would be a great opportunity to also use this challenge for other we buy and also push to the bottom of our piles (decoupage and backing papers and even templates).

So I have therefore used a the Forever Friends stamps which I have coloured in with chalks and painted his hat with cosmic shimmer colour lava red.

The idea for the instep card I got from a template of another card which was bought in the Patchwork Friends from a QVC pack. The size of the card is A6.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Few more attempts at Parchment Craft

I feel I am so lucky at times I managed to get some parchment craft done from yesterday afternoon and finished today. John my other half (OH) has kept Marc and Chloe entertained so I can just get on with some crafting. He even has done all the cooking what more can a woman ask for.

The first is a Christmas Card. I have used 5 x 5 square card. Cut some blue holographic card (which I bought from the pound shop) to size and placed my parchment topper on the top, I have then finished with some ribbon border which I obtained from QVC in one of the Kanban Christmas packs.

The second is a new baby Congratulations card. Unfortunately I need to learn the technique more with the shading and especially on how to do the perforating at the moment I just cut round my parchment topper as I would normally do for decoupaging but I just realised I still need a lot more tools for this type of craft.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Sorting out blog more

Well as you can see I just sorting out my blog alittle more - so as I am getting back in the swing of computer technology which since having Marc and Chloe I have not bothered as much with. I have to start and be more practical on here more.

I am also into a new book at the moment The Host by Stephanie Meyer who brought us the wonderful Twlight books so I have managed to cut some card for embossing so hopefully within a day or two I get a couple of more cards made. Catch up with you all soon and try and get to all your blogs and see what you have been up to.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Forever Friends - Just for You

I have also managed to get this card done today - wow I have been lucky Chloe just herself amused most of the day and as you can see the end result was three cards - I think I probably not be able to get much done for the rest of the week (fingers crossed she gets herself in a little routine and let me craft for a little while) I coloured in my Forever Friends Bear in with chalk and finished off with watercolour pencils for the flower and clear glitter over the top.
Thank you for comments they are most appreciated.

Snoflake Christmas Card Challenge No.17

I know I am getting ahead of myself but there alot of holidays comming soon and I know I not be able to get much crafting done - especially the six weeks I have to try and keep my two motivated. Therefore I have just finished card no.17 for Snoflake Christmas Card Challenge at

Just Cute Bears Challenge no. 13 - One for the boys

This is my first time entering the Just Cute Bears challenge
- Using Dandelion and Daisy prymage -

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Easter Hols are over

Well the School holidays are over and now Marc is back at school tomorrow I be able to get back into a routine of crafting. I have decided to be a full time mam first and then try and build up a crafting business slowly so therefore when there is holidays I am just going to be relaxing and having as much fun as I can with Marc and Chloe before they reach an age where mam is not cool anymore and just want to hang with friends. With Chloe not starting nursery until September it will still not be a full commitment as I would like for a little while longer but as we know that funny old thing called time always gets the better of us and before I know it I be here alot more in the future.

Anyway I have made some of the baubles cards in blue and silver and I wanted you to show you the silver and blue ones I have made - these are also for sale in a pack of 5.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Hi enjoying the sun

What gorgeous sunshine we are all having at the moment - It is great to get outdoors and just playing with Marc and Chloe. It is ny niece's birthday today and I thought I show you the card I made for her. I have another go at the parchment craft - I have still got a lot of room for improvement - but please let me know what you think.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

I finally been able to make a couple of cards yipeee

I managed to sit down and make a couple of cards while Marc and Chloe was playing outside on Tuesday.

By using step by step instructions from Paula Chatterton at Craft in Time -( which I found in a booklet Designer Cards which I got from a magazine (I think last year) which are:-

1. Using a scoreboard, fold the A4 white card to make a C5 card blank.
2. cut a 13.5x19.5cm then attach the card panel to the front of the blank card
3. Trim three pieces of cardstock to measure 10.5x5.5cm and three pieces of either paper of cardstock to measure 10.2x5.2cm.
4. Matt and layer the panels and attach these to the card blank as shown.
5. Trim another piece of card 8x13.5cm and either paper or cardstock 7.2x13cm (if you wish you can either round off or leave as normal) matt them both together and place as shown in picture and finish as you wish.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

my first parchment card

When I first saw this craft I loved it and thought I never going to be able to do this - but my sister Margie got me the starter kit one Christmas and I have been able to finally sit down and have a go without too much interruption from Marc and Chloe (for a change they were tucked up in bed fast asleep.

By using a simple picture for beginners - I managed to create this "Get Well Soon" Card - (this card is for sale please go to my handmade cards for sale and it will take you to the relevant site to purchase my craft items).

I would like your comments on the same to let me know it I am on the right track with this art or should I give up before I start. Thank you

Easter School Holidays have begun at my house

Marc has broke up today from school - the Easter Holidays have officially started in my house - that means late nights so hopefully get a lot more crafting done without being wiped out from trying to get Marc to bed for school.

It was also a sad day as Marc's first teacher has left - she has taught Marc from Nursery and followed through to Reception - which will be a big miss as she is one of those teachers who makes you feel comfortable about leaving your child at school with - lets hope and pray the replacement is just as good ???

Monday, 29 March 2010

Christmas Cards

Well as I liked the Christmas card so much I decided to make some more still at the early stages on some and finished 5 more - I thought I show you some more of the finished ones I will be selling these in packs on my web (goto my handmade cards for sale section and it will take you straight there).

Busy Busy Busy

Well there is no rest if you want to achieve your goals in life. I love to craft and being able to sell on some of my cards and toppers etc... is the funds to buy more and able to make more and continue to enjoy my crafting. I have therefore been busy setting up a website which is --all comments are most appreciated

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

where is the time going -

Where is the time going we nearly at Easter already - good job I thinking about Christmas Cards. I have spent a couple of days embossing, die cutting and now all I have to do is stitch.

Above is the first one of many cards I making and will be selling in packs of 5.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Allsorts Card Challenge - 13-3-2010

Hi all I cannot believe we are half way through March already.

Over the past couple of days I have been making the following Happy Birthday card - I hope to use this for the Allsorts Card Challenge.

I first by using my majestic (glitter girls embossing board) I made the background for the topper - and finished with glitter round the outer edge. I then placed the same on A5 card and finished with ribbon down the left hand side. (Please note this card is available for sale - goto the Handmade Cards for Sale for more information).

Monday, 15 March 2010

New Week

Well a brand new week Marc is back at school after being poorly for a couple of days last week - I can hopefully now get back onto my crafting. I will also be adding new items for sale. Just I think I need to do more of advertising.

Hope you all had a fantastic Mother's Day. I did spent with my Mam and Sister Margie with all of our children and it was great. The weather was absolutely perfect to.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Starting new Projects

Today I have been trying out some different ideas. I have managed to make my first Easel card and I am in the process of trying stitching using peel offs. I will show finished project but just at the early stages at the moment.

Hopefully as Marc and Chloe get to play more and the sun is helping that out at the moment - I get to do more crafting but you know what it is like with children you think you can have 5 minutes but ooh noo.

My first Easel Card

I like to show this Easel card I have just made by following the video steps and instructions fromm

Thursday, 11 March 2010

I managed to make a couple of cards

I actually made two cards using Clare's Sketch (from the first I made using only A6 size card, then placed pink backing paper as background. I then made the cross using pink ribbon which I then placed glitter peel border around the outer edges of the card. After I used a pink circle (which I purchased a number of years ago as scrap card from my sister's local craft shop in Sunderland) and finished with this gorgeous pink glittered Butterfly in the centre. I think put a couple of flowers along the left hand ribbon for the final touch.

The second I used a square 5 by 5 card and instead of ribbon for the cross I used purple pearl effect card and finished with gems.

Both of these cards are available for sale (please check out Handmade Card for sale page).