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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The holidays are over

Well Marc went back to school today - the house is so quiet me and Chloe are missing him so much. I only have two more or so weeks and then Chloe is off to nursery. I get about 1 and half hours a day to do what I want -- oooh and no noise --- I prefer the noise and Marc and Chloe being at home but I suppose I get used to it.

Well as things are going a bit slow I have decided to try and start selling on ebay again this time I am not going to be so cheap and hopefully build up a nice little business - the website just was not working no interest but I have sold my first card on ebay again just the other day. Goes to show selling a little is better than nothing and I am able to get more crafting goodies to play with. I catch up with you all soon bye for now

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  1. Good luck with your selling and I say enjoy enjoy the peace and quiet!! xx Jenny xx


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