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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Easter Hols are over

Well the School holidays are over and now Marc is back at school tomorrow I be able to get back into a routine of crafting. I have decided to be a full time mam first and then try and build up a crafting business slowly so therefore when there is holidays I am just going to be relaxing and having as much fun as I can with Marc and Chloe before they reach an age where mam is not cool anymore and just want to hang with friends. With Chloe not starting nursery until September it will still not be a full commitment as I would like for a little while longer but as we know that funny old thing called time always gets the better of us and before I know it I be here alot more in the future.

Anyway I have made some of the baubles cards in blue and silver and I wanted you to show you the silver and blue ones I have made - these are also for sale in a pack of 5.

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