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Monday, 27 September 2010

Forever Friends Christmas Cards

I am now going to show you two cards which I have made both the same stamp but different colours and design. I have made these both 6 by 6 (15cm by 15cm) I love working with this size it is not to big or not to small. Apart from the school cards I making now for Marc and Chloe most of my cards will be mainly this size.

Again I have used the Forever Friends stamps just recently bought. I have coloured them in using promarkers and finished the cuffs of the coats with white glitter. I know I should be listing my colours but I forget which ones I have used (I have to start getting used to writing them down so I can do this later on here for you all) but I can tell you I always colour my Forever Friend bear in the vanilla.

Well as we speak I have stamped alot of images ready to start Marc and Chloe's Christmas Cards I have a bit colouring do and hopefully get making them and have them finished by next week at the latest so I dont have to worry about doing the Christmas Cards in December. I am starting to try and get organized a bit better because honestly speaking I am no good. My crafting always end up in just one over flowing box and I buy more of the stuff I have already got which I not good. So I am at this present moment going to concentrate on using up what I have and only buy the essentials (sticky pads, glue, glitter etc...) fingers crossed I be good. bye bye for now and thanks for looking at my blog. xxx

More Christmas Cards

Hi all, well the heating is now getting put back on as the days are getting colder. Chloe starts Nursery on Wednesday - now the new chapter of my life begins. Apart from the year of being backwards and forwards I am looking forward to having about 2 hours to myself a day. However I also know I am going to miss her terribly but hopefully the days will go quick.

Well there is a garden centre in Sunderland not sure of the name think is it Lampton Garden Centre (it is where the old Lampton Lion Park was). They have a crafting section which I love to go everytime John wants to get a few flowers for the hanging basket. (dont have a garden so we are limited - thank goodness) well they had some gorgeous Forever Friends Christmas stamps and lucky me John got me both sets at a good price of £8.99 per pack and they are nice big stamps. So I have made a couple of cards and have a few stamp images ready to make some more.

The first card I have to show you I have made is A5 size. I have coloured my Forever Friends image using promarkers and the tree I stamped in black ink first and then went over again in green ink for the effect. For the first time I stamped wording directly onto the card.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Snoflake Christmas Card Challenge

Hi I am still a bit behind on this challenge but getting there I thought I show this card I made just simple straight forward using background paper and finished off with a topper. However on the hexagon shape piece of backing I have had a go of dabbing with ink. First time so hopefully looks okay. I have finished the same with a bit ribbon down the side. I have adopted Joanna Sheen's technique with the bow effect by just tying a little bit of ribbon on the ribbon down the card. Hope it looks the effect otherwise I am no good at making bows. Bought the bow maker but John gets the taks of doing them all. Anyway the card itself is 15cm by 15cm and the topper I bought from a pack of QVC in the Kanban range.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Snoflake Christmas Card Challenge (docrafts)

Hi well I have managed to make a couple of cards this week. To get me back into all the crafting Christmas Cards is top of the agenda as I have alot to make for Marc and Chloe to give to their school friends. Therefore I am trying a few different techniques over the next few weeks and decide which I can make a few of (by using stamps) and being not to expensive but looking the part. I have also got the Joanna Sheen new Christmas Creations CD and I am looking forward to using the same.

Well my cards - they are both the same but of different colours. I have just recently bought a snowflake embossing folder for cuttlebug (but used on my bigshot) therefore I used this as a background and finished by using mouse stamp (cute companions I got free from a magazine after entering into competition first 100 to send got stamps and me and my sister was one of the lucky ones. I have coloured them in using pro-markers one as a pink theme and the other as a blue. finished with a snowflake which I have finished with a touch of glitter.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The holidays are over

Well Marc went back to school today - the house is so quiet me and Chloe are missing him so much. I only have two more or so weeks and then Chloe is off to nursery. I get about 1 and half hours a day to do what I want -- oooh and no noise --- I prefer the noise and Marc and Chloe being at home but I suppose I get used to it.

Well as things are going a bit slow I have decided to try and start selling on ebay again this time I am not going to be so cheap and hopefully build up a nice little business - the website just was not working no interest but I have sold my first card on ebay again just the other day. Goes to show selling a little is better than nothing and I am able to get more crafting goodies to play with. I catch up with you all soon bye for now