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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Loving the gorgeous snow - I am so ready for Christmas

Hi, all I am absolutely loving this gorgeous weather - I love the snow and I do hope it stays around for Christmas, it will be so prefect. Christmas decorations are not up yet but thinking of getting them up on Saturday.

Well the dinning room is finally finished thank goodness now I can now get back into to crafting rountine again - not too much but just enough to make a card now and again. I am finding it difficult trying to juggle everything at the moment with Chloe being at nursery half a day and then having to go back out just after I turn around and get Marc from school and before I know it I am ready for bed that is without starting to get my head into a card. At the moment the school is closed so I have managed to cut a few more things out ready to make a couple of cards ....

Well I have managed to squeeze this card in using a pack I got of QVC I have keep it quite simple with ribbon down the side and two blue snowflakes just to finish it off ... I have made some more stuff but still in the need that little bit to finish off get them done soon - I hope..

Bye for now and I hope to be back into a rountine in the New Year.