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Saturday, 23 October 2010

HI All

Hi - well what's been happening alot of stamping cutting and colouring and now putting the final preparations in Marc and Chloe's Christmas cards - taking a little longer than anticipated but getting there and hopefully be able to show them soon.

What also doesnt help I have had a nasty cold (with the worst cough ever) to deal with Chloe caught it at nursery, then Marc showed signs of having it and so they have been off school all this week (which means they are getting 2 weeks off instead of 1) but on the mend now and hopefully getting back into the swing of trying to find time to card craft.

I dont know if it is just me but with Chloe being just a nursery and I am backwards and forwards to school I cannot seem to juggle the time right to start something. For example as soon as I got my crafting stuff out after tidying up it is time to put it all away to go and collect her. Then the afternoon is spending the time I have missed and then going to collect Marc. Definitely going to be much easier next year I think when she is at school fulltime (although I dont want to think about that miss her so much as it is for the 2 hours) I dont think I do well on my own all day just have to wait and see.

Well bye for now I hope to try and get myself sorted soon. Going to get some dishes done and then hopefully more of the cards for the kids done and then I concentrate on a bit of everything again.

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  1. Hiya hun.wishing you all better soon.I'm sure lots of other mum's know only too well what you mean about the time thing.have a good half term see you soon.Hugs xx


Thank you for all your lovely comments it is really appreciated xx big hugs xxx Hilly