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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

my first parchment card

When I first saw this craft I loved it and thought I never going to be able to do this - but my sister Margie got me the starter kit one Christmas and I have been able to finally sit down and have a go without too much interruption from Marc and Chloe (for a change they were tucked up in bed fast asleep.

By using a simple picture for beginners - I managed to create this "Get Well Soon" Card - (this card is for sale please go to my handmade cards for sale and it will take you to the relevant site to purchase my craft items).

I would like your comments on the same to let me know it I am on the right track with this art or should I give up before I start. Thank you

Easter School Holidays have begun at my house

Marc has broke up today from school - the Easter Holidays have officially started in my house - that means late nights so hopefully get a lot more crafting done without being wiped out from trying to get Marc to bed for school.

It was also a sad day as Marc's first teacher has left - she has taught Marc from Nursery and followed through to Reception - which will be a big miss as she is one of those teachers who makes you feel comfortable about leaving your child at school with - lets hope and pray the replacement is just as good ???

Monday, 29 March 2010

Christmas Cards

Well as I liked the Christmas card so much I decided to make some more still at the early stages on some and finished 5 more - I thought I show you some more of the finished ones I will be selling these in packs on my web (goto my handmade cards for sale section and it will take you straight there).

Busy Busy Busy

Well there is no rest if you want to achieve your goals in life. I love to craft and being able to sell on some of my cards and toppers etc... is the funds to buy more and able to make more and continue to enjoy my crafting. I have therefore been busy setting up a website which is --all comments are most appreciated

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

where is the time going -

Where is the time going we nearly at Easter already - good job I thinking about Christmas Cards. I have spent a couple of days embossing, die cutting and now all I have to do is stitch.

Above is the first one of many cards I making and will be selling in packs of 5.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Allsorts Card Challenge - 13-3-2010

Hi all I cannot believe we are half way through March already.

Over the past couple of days I have been making the following Happy Birthday card - I hope to use this for the Allsorts Card Challenge.

I first by using my majestic (glitter girls embossing board) I made the background for the topper - and finished with glitter round the outer edge. I then placed the same on A5 card and finished with ribbon down the left hand side. (Please note this card is available for sale - goto the Handmade Cards for Sale for more information).

Monday, 15 March 2010

New Week

Well a brand new week Marc is back at school after being poorly for a couple of days last week - I can hopefully now get back onto my crafting. I will also be adding new items for sale. Just I think I need to do more of advertising.

Hope you all had a fantastic Mother's Day. I did spent with my Mam and Sister Margie with all of our children and it was great. The weather was absolutely perfect to.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Starting new Projects

Today I have been trying out some different ideas. I have managed to make my first Easel card and I am in the process of trying stitching using peel offs. I will show finished project but just at the early stages at the moment.

Hopefully as Marc and Chloe get to play more and the sun is helping that out at the moment - I get to do more crafting but you know what it is like with children you think you can have 5 minutes but ooh noo.

My first Easel Card

I like to show this Easel card I have just made by following the video steps and instructions fromm

Thursday, 11 March 2010

I managed to make a couple of cards

I actually made two cards using Clare's Sketch (from the first I made using only A6 size card, then placed pink backing paper as background. I then made the cross using pink ribbon which I then placed glitter peel border around the outer edges of the card. After I used a pink circle (which I purchased a number of years ago as scrap card from my sister's local craft shop in Sunderland) and finished with this gorgeous pink glittered Butterfly in the centre. I think put a couple of flowers along the left hand ribbon for the final touch.

The second I used a square 5 by 5 card and instead of ribbon for the cross I used purple pearl effect card and finished with gems.

Both of these cards are available for sale (please check out Handmade Card for sale page).


Sorry havent been on for a while - Unfortunately time is not on my side at the moment. Everytime I have decided to sit and make a few cards Marc and Chloe have decided no we want your attention instead - not long now and I have an hour to myself to get on creating when Chloe is at nursery.

Well my sister and I have decided to give ourselves little challenges. The first is we have 4 card toppers to make in two weeks (sounds simple enough) 2 general and 2 christmas. How we are using our majestic glitter girls boards as we have seemed to bought these products and then as normal we have just been placed in a draw (typical I think for us crafters to want and then bury our goodies). I have started one, I am just waiting for the glitter to dry from round the outer edge. Hopefully get one done today but that depends on how Marc and Chloe are going to be.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

New cards in Handmade Cards and Handmade Christmas Cards for sale

I managed to make a few more cards today which I have listed in my Handmade Cards for Sale Page and Handmade Christmas Cards for Sale Page

Marc's Teacher's Bookatrix leaving card

I have finally finished Marc's Teacher's leaving card - I have done this as a bookatrix - using a plain gold card for the back, the next layer is a red holographic card and finished with white for the front. I have used a Winnie the Pooh decoupage with a bunch of flowers and finished with gems in the centre and a butterfly. She leaves at Easter so I hope she likes it - all I have to do now is the stand.

New Kanban Card Kit

Today my new cute teddy card kit has arrived from QVC it is made by kanban. I get to dress them up in some cute outfits. Having been to a birthday party for a 3 year old with Chloe this morning I am going to try and get some cards made this afternoon (tonight.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

What wonderful weather we are having

I have been about but I am starting to sort through my craft items - I am ready for clear out so watch this space there maybe some bargains to have. Also I have been enjoying the sunshine while we have it. Also I am sorting out some of my handmade cards I have in storage need to send some on to a Chartiy I have been given a lovely address to help Support our Soliders which may be of more benefit I think. So going to enjoy the rest of the day with my Marc and Chloe.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Christmas Bookatrix

Hi what another glorious sunny day - I really love being a full time mam and enjoying all the lovely weather when we get it.

However on another note I made this Christmas Bookatrix card (which is available for sale - see under handmade christmas card section) I just discovered how to make these cards and what an enjoyment they are - a lot of hardwork but worth it. I used gold holographic card at the back, plain red card in the centre and finished with white card. My snowman is a print of Crafters Companion disc and then I finished with glitter all over the snowman and the words " Seasons Greetings. I have also started to make some Christmas Gift Tags (see Gift Tags for sale).

Monday, 1 March 2010

What a beautiful 1st of March

What a beautiful sunny day it is today - I hope to get some crafting done but I feel I just want to be out in the sunshine while we have some. Unfortunately the parks are getting revamped in my area so me and Chloe are a no go on the swings for a few months (I think)