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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Just Bears Challenge - no.14 & Card a Day Challenge

Hi all - where is the gorgeous sunshine disappeared too I was getting my hopes for the global warming making us more a tropical island and as soon as we had the sunshine it would stay forever through the summer months ( I guess not so in my lifetime) I do hope we have this heatwave of a summer as been promised since I gave up work three years ago when I had Chloe.

Well onto to my card - I thought I use this for two challenges. All the materials are from a pack I bought of QVC of bears which you can dress up and also make some 3d if required also one of the kanban kits therefore good quality.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Card for One a Day Challenge

Hi all well after an unsuccessful day of trying to watch New Moon I managed to make a card. The one a day challenge is a great idea suggested from another Do Craft member which was to use stamps you buy but then get pushed to the back of your crafting pile. Unfortunately I am waiting for some pro-markers at the moment and therefore do not want to use some of my stamps until they arrive. I also this would be a great opportunity to also use this challenge for other we buy and also push to the bottom of our piles (decoupage and backing papers and even templates).

So I have therefore used a the Forever Friends stamps which I have coloured in with chalks and painted his hat with cosmic shimmer colour lava red.

The idea for the instep card I got from a template of another card which was bought in the Patchwork Friends from a QVC pack. The size of the card is A6.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Few more attempts at Parchment Craft

I feel I am so lucky at times I managed to get some parchment craft done from yesterday afternoon and finished today. John my other half (OH) has kept Marc and Chloe entertained so I can just get on with some crafting. He even has done all the cooking what more can a woman ask for.

The first is a Christmas Card. I have used 5 x 5 square card. Cut some blue holographic card (which I bought from the pound shop) to size and placed my parchment topper on the top, I have then finished with some ribbon border which I obtained from QVC in one of the Kanban Christmas packs.

The second is a new baby Congratulations card. Unfortunately I need to learn the technique more with the shading and especially on how to do the perforating at the moment I just cut round my parchment topper as I would normally do for decoupaging but I just realised I still need a lot more tools for this type of craft.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Sorting out blog more

Well as you can see I just sorting out my blog alittle more - so as I am getting back in the swing of computer technology which since having Marc and Chloe I have not bothered as much with. I have to start and be more practical on here more.

I am also into a new book at the moment The Host by Stephanie Meyer who brought us the wonderful Twlight books so I have managed to cut some card for embossing so hopefully within a day or two I get a couple of more cards made. Catch up with you all soon and try and get to all your blogs and see what you have been up to.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Forever Friends - Just for You

I have also managed to get this card done today - wow I have been lucky Chloe just herself amused most of the day and as you can see the end result was three cards - I think I probably not be able to get much done for the rest of the week (fingers crossed she gets herself in a little routine and let me craft for a little while) I coloured in my Forever Friends Bear in with chalk and finished off with watercolour pencils for the flower and clear glitter over the top.
Thank you for comments they are most appreciated.

Snoflake Christmas Card Challenge No.17

I know I am getting ahead of myself but there alot of holidays comming soon and I know I not be able to get much crafting done - especially the six weeks I have to try and keep my two motivated. Therefore I have just finished card no.17 for Snoflake Christmas Card Challenge at

Just Cute Bears Challenge no. 13 - One for the boys

This is my first time entering the Just Cute Bears challenge
- Using Dandelion and Daisy prymage -

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Easter Hols are over

Well the School holidays are over and now Marc is back at school tomorrow I be able to get back into a routine of crafting. I have decided to be a full time mam first and then try and build up a crafting business slowly so therefore when there is holidays I am just going to be relaxing and having as much fun as I can with Marc and Chloe before they reach an age where mam is not cool anymore and just want to hang with friends. With Chloe not starting nursery until September it will still not be a full commitment as I would like for a little while longer but as we know that funny old thing called time always gets the better of us and before I know it I be here alot more in the future.

Anyway I have made some of the baubles cards in blue and silver and I wanted you to show you the silver and blue ones I have made - these are also for sale in a pack of 5.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Hi enjoying the sun

What gorgeous sunshine we are all having at the moment - It is great to get outdoors and just playing with Marc and Chloe. It is ny niece's birthday today and I thought I show you the card I made for her. I have another go at the parchment craft - I have still got a lot of room for improvement - but please let me know what you think.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

I finally been able to make a couple of cards yipeee

I managed to sit down and make a couple of cards while Marc and Chloe was playing outside on Tuesday.

By using step by step instructions from Paula Chatterton at Craft in Time -( which I found in a booklet Designer Cards which I got from a magazine (I think last year) which are:-

1. Using a scoreboard, fold the A4 white card to make a C5 card blank.
2. cut a 13.5x19.5cm then attach the card panel to the front of the blank card
3. Trim three pieces of cardstock to measure 10.5x5.5cm and three pieces of either paper of cardstock to measure 10.2x5.2cm.
4. Matt and layer the panels and attach these to the card blank as shown.
5. Trim another piece of card 8x13.5cm and either paper or cardstock 7.2x13cm (if you wish you can either round off or leave as normal) matt them both together and place as shown in picture and finish as you wish.